Saturday, June 8, 2013

List to do to get the most from your computer

Just a simple sharing. List to do to get the most from your computer

1. Always clear the temporary file (can use CCleaner)

2. Delete unused registry keys. (can use CCleaner), or otherwise can use regedit, but it is not recommended unless you know how to delete registry in regedit.

3. Get an antivirus, scan regularly.

4. Defrag your computer regularly

5. It is okay to get anything from the internet, just be aware of what you are downloading and what you are installing.

6. Get an extenal drive for backing up important files, you may not know if some accident will happen to your laptop or computer.

7. Only use the most essential and needed software to run at startup, this can be set in start>run>msconfig, this will significantly increase your computer performance during startup.

8. Upgrade your RAM.

9. Use SSD instead of HDD, one thing to bare in mind is the cost for SSD is a bit expensive.

10. Upgrade your computer and get a better spec computer :p

TQ for reading :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Parents neglect their responsibility, blame neighbours instead.

Parents neglect their responsibility, blame neighbours instead, the topic for today. As dear readers may concern, I have not written any post for quite a long time. Just take a look at my previous post if you want to know the last time I posted here. So sorry for that, I am just too busy, or perhaps, lazy. 

So, for the topic today, what is it all about? Parents? Neighbours? How do I relate them? 

Lately, I have been reading articles, about the good deeds done by the Government. Well, what can you expect from that? Pro-government supporters supporting the government 'efforts' and in the other hand, the opposition supporters opposing all the deeds that had been done by the government. Bullshit, everyday. And these supporters or in their language called as 'macai' continually defending their parties in everything the parties do. 

I met some of the comments and these are the special ones that I would like to highlight today : 
  • Aku ni dulu tadika kemas, sekolah rendah under kerajaan, sekolah menengah under kerajaan, universiti pon universiti kerajaan, terima kasih kerajaan, sampai mati aku sokong!
  • Buat apa nak sokong pembangkang, apa yang mereka boleh bagi? at least kerajaan bantu rakyat, bagi BR1M, BB1M, BL1M ... and the list continues..
  • Nak tukar kerajaan? Cuba tengok Mesir tu, aman ke? bersyukurlah Malaysia ni negara aman.
I have my personal opinions on this issue, I repeat, PERSONAL opinions. These opinions don't resemble any parties as it is all from myself. 

To start with the discussion, let us say, the government is the parents while the opposition is the neighbour next door. Parents are the one that have the responsibility towards their children. Buying diapers, giving food and shelters, education, clothes n etc, can we leave these responsibilities to the neighbours if we still have our parents? Agree?

From the day we were born, until the day we dies, the parents are the one responsible for us. We cannot blame our neighbours if they don't give us all of that. Can we say, "Jiran ni  tak hantar aku sekolah" , "Jiran tak bagi aku makan", "Jiran tak belikan aku baju" ? Nope, I don't think so. I hope you guys don't think the other way round. 

The same thing applies for the case of government and opposition. The government now is called The Government of the Day thus they are the one responsible for the citizens. (Please do further reading about the term Government of the day). We cannot say that only the government that had been contributing to our welfare and the opposition had done nothing for us. The presence of the opposition is to assist the government. We can see that they may oppose some laws that had been implemented by the government, but that is actually for the betterment of the government (well, if you think deeply and positively). 

Why did I say that? Let's us look at an example, the price of the fuel. The fuel price, as we know is quite high in Malaysia compared to other countries that also produce fuel. The government had increased the price due to the rise of global fuel price that year, now, we can see that the global price decrease and the opposition is demanding for a price cut for the fuel. What happened in the last few days? Rumours about the fuel price going down were spreading and we will be expecting that before the GE. Thank God, that is a contribution I suppose. 

The other example is about car price, I don't want to elaborate on that. Do some readings, GOOGLE!

One last example is Buku Jingga. The opposition had came out with their plans for the citizen and now we can see our government is using some of the plans in the Buku Jingga to make them better. 

Can we call this a bless of having a two party system? :)

Enough on the issue about deeds and government's contribution.


Change of government. Good thing or bad thing? 

Back to the topic above, about parents and neighbour. Okay, here's the story : 
Abu had a parents which he loves them so much. His parents never neglect their responsibility to him. But one day, his parents get divorced. Abu chose to live with his mother. His mother get married to his neighbour and the neighbour had become his 'dad'. 
Apparently, Abu now has a new father. Is the father necessarily will be a bad father, neglecting the responsibility, torture Abu, and doing other bad things to Abu and his mother? Yes, if you used to watch 'Kisah Benar'. A short drama that had been broadcasted years ago. Most of the stepfathers are bad fathers, doing bad things to their family.

The new father doesn't necessarily has to be that way. He can be a good and loving father, just as the way the real father is. Let us put aside all the negative examples that we see in the dramas in the tv and try to think positively! There are good stepfathers! Yes there are and I have met couple of them.

The analogy above is about getting a new government. Why must the change of government be related only to Arab Spring? Why? Why? Why? I leave the question for you to answer.

Don't you know Japan do change their government and still succeed in developing their country? They don't have Japan Spring there, they are living peacefully, they have good economy in the country and what else? Their people are very civilized. A country which changes the government and can maintain all above is indeed one country that should be taken as a good example for us, Malaysian.

We are always being told about negative stories. The term in Malay : dimomokkan. And these stories are the main factors that make us cannot develop ourselves. We are too afraid to do this and that. We are too afraid to face the consequences which may be bad for us, forgetting that there are also good consequences in the things that we do.

I hope the analogy I used is understandable for everyone. Mind to leave some comments if you have something to ask.

I think that's all for this time.

Thank you for reading :)

P/S : I am not doing any campaign to any party about changing government or whatsoever. It is just my understanding towards the issue. Please correct me if there is anything wrong in my writing, I will gladly accept that.