Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Power of Photoshop CS 5


I am still in the learning process of Photoshop,

Today, I learn face smoothing, and I also learn few techniques editing the contrast and colour levels of a particular picture :)

Here it is ;

Before :

After :

this is the link where I learn doing this Youtube

p/s : to the pros, I need comments and critiques :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Its just a short blog post :D

Just want to share with everyone, I just get this Adobe Photoshop CS5 :)

The last thing that I have to do is learn about photo editing with Faez Ezanee !

By the way, this is my first project, although it seems a little bit unusual, but I am very satisfied with it :)

Before editing :

After editing :

Although it doesn't need so NATURAL, I am still very satisfied with it.

Thanks for reading :)

Paan Zulkarnain

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wedding Photos , Ridhwan & Eli

Evening dear readers :)

As promised, I'll upload some of the wedding pictures to the blog.

Details :
Venue - Mok Nah's
Time - 12noon-3pm
Date- 1st September 2011

Taken with Nikon D5000

Bridegroom : Ridhwan
Bride : Eli

Happy Wedding dear cousins,
May Allah bless you and your wife till the end of your life :)

" Pre-wed : 'gotong-royong' activity by family and villagers

Are you 'curi tulang' Pok Teh?

My septuagenarian granny, still strong :D

waiting for the bride, pointless actually =='

First impression : NICE !

Upon arrival, everyone's happy :)

Sama Cocok Sama Padan !

the RING :O

May both of you live happily ever after...

Doa untuk Pengantin
" Ya Allah
Satukanlah hati kedua mempelai ini seperti Engkau satukan hati Adam dan Hawa, Yusuf dan Zulaikha dan seperti Engkau satukan hati Muhammad SAW dan Siti Khadijah.
Semoga Allah memberkati dan menghimpunkan kamu berdua kebaikan dan keberkatan di dunia dan akhirat “

Paan Zulkarnain

p/s : Ma, if possible, get me a wife more prettier than her :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selingan , not related to camera, lens and etc :D

Hello all,

Recently, I've been posting a lot at my Facebook and Twitter accounts. And ,most of the posting get liked by a lot of friends, some exceeding 50 and above. I don't have any intention of banging others with my words, its just my personal opinion and if one feel offended with that, mind to tell me .

Well, I'm not a perfectionist, I don't expect people around me to be so damn perfect. Most of us do mistake and even me myself do mistakes.

Such stated in the Holy Quran, in surah al Asr, the last verse.

1. By Al-'Asr (the time).

2. Verily! Man is in loss,

3. Except those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'ruf)which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar)which Allah has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah's Cause during preaching His religion of Islamic Monotheism or Jihad, etc.).

So, we can see at the last verse, if we don't want to be in loss, we should try to recommend one another to the truth and recommend others to be patience.

And in the term of being a college student, we should always remind our friends so that they wont be carried away with the Social world. Well, maybe now I am the one who always remind others, who knows one day I need to be reminded also.

Okay, thanks for reading.

Farhan Zulkarnain

credits to :-


Hello everybody,

Sorry if you are waiting for me to update my blog. Currently, I'm too busy with the foundation first in UTP, which i think I'm quite shocked because of not studying and opening even an academic book after finishing SPM last year xD.

One more, i think i am quite active in the micro-blog, Twitter . follow me if you want @ahmdfarhan

So, a lot of revision need to be done, because I'll be having my exams right after Hari Raya. I promise to update my blog as soon as possible when i have the time .

The topic that i would probably write is about HDR, bracketing, Light trails n others, wait and see guys , :)

Looking forward to have this 'thing' . Papa, buy me one ok ! I haven't claim my birthday present yet. xD

p/s : I'll be an official photographer for our family this Hari Raya. Pictures to be uploaded then :D

Farhan Zulkarnain

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

camera basics 3. ISO SETTING

Hai, just nak cte cket pengetahuan yang x brape banyak pasal ISO SETTING .

Okay, yang kita tahu, ISO setting ni berkaitan dengan sentiviti filem, contohnye 100, 200, 400, 800 dll.

So, lagi rendah nilainye, lagi clear gambar, n lagi tggi lagi blurr+noise ( especially untuk kamera yang murah harganya )

What's noise?

Noise adalah kesan seperti butir2 nasi di gambar spt dibawah,

buleh tgok gmba ni, but actualy noise terlalu ketara,
kalau sape yg pakai nikon d3000, boleh tgok noise jika pakai ISO 1600 n higher.

boleh tgok perbezaan antara gambar yang menggunakan ISO 100 (kiri) dan 3200 (kanan)

Bila nak pilih ISO, 4 perkara kene tgok,
1.Cahaya - terang or malap
2.Noise - nak gambar noise atau tidak
3.Tripod - pakai tripod?
4.Keadaan objek samada bergerak atau tidak

Cahaya :dalam keadaan cahaya terang, ISO yang digunakan adalah ISO 100 or 200
dalam keadaaan gelap,ISO yang digunakan adalah ISO 1600, 2000 n others.

Noise : kalau tak nak noise, pakai ISO rendah

Tripod and Keadaan objek : kalau stationary pakai ISO rendah , kalau moving pakai ISO tinggi

ISO jugak berbeza jika amek gambar outdoor n indoor, so, boleh try sendiri eh.

Saya pon tidak pandai nak ulas panjang pasal ISO ni, boleh tanya yang pakar, :))

Selamat mencuba !


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Monday, February 28, 2011

review : Nikon D7000

Hai !

Nak share pasal one of the new Nikon DSLR, Nikon D7000 , this model lebih kurang cam d90 but with more enhanced feature :)

1. 16 Megapixels !!! boleh print gamba besar tuu,

2. ISO up to 6400,

3. U1 n U2 , personal setting mode !

4. 39 point AF , huhu~~

5. come with 18-105 lens, one of the best Nikon Lens !

n many others, boleh refer Nikon Official Website

Ni ade sikit2 gamba Nikon D7000 :

Price : RM 4998, including Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor LensNikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Body only : RM 4198

Overall, currently I am using this model and I am very2 satisfied ! 2 thumbs up !!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cara nak tambah traffic !

Hey I get this from a blog, boleh try n error :D

haaa... ini adalah cara cepat beb! Nak up kan traffic korang tak? Tadi jenguk blog Yaty dan terbaca entry latest dia pasal macam mana nak upkan traffic blog kita. Maybe caranya kurang paham sikit tapi takpe saya nak cuba dulu. Jom kita pakat cuba ramai-ramai. Tak rugi pun kan kalau try cara ni. Kalau menjadi kiranya kita bertuah.

Cara nya begini:

1. Tulis posting artikel seperti posting ini, atau copy-paste artikel ini. Kemudian beri tajuk yang menarik.
2. Anda hanya cuma meletakkan Link URL di bawah ini untuk artikel yang anda tuliskan dalam blog / web anda.

1. My Big Family & Friends


3. matdin

4. MSR @Blogger

5. tengku nizam

6. mizz shizu

7. Myself V3 Me &

8. Blog Hanz

9. BeMie's WoRLd

10. Farah Shafiqah

11 . Qila Razak

12. CekLa

13. Miss Yaty

14. Magrib menjelma

15. MenWithLens

1. Sebelum anda meletakkan web-web di atas di komuniti Link URL ke posting web / blog anda, sila hapuskan link nombor 1.

2. Selepas itu pindahkan Link no.2 menjadi no.1, yang No.3 jadi No.2, yang No.4 jadi No.3 dan seterusnya.

3. Setelah itu masukkan link anda di urutan bawah (No.15).

***So urutannya jadi mcm nie...

1. My Big Family & Friends


3. matdin

4. MSR @Blogger

5. tengku nizam

6. mizz shizu

7. Myself V3 Me &

8. Blog Hanz

9. BeMie's WoRLd

10. Farah Shafiqah

11 . Qila Razak

12. CekLa

13. Miss Yaty

14. Magrib menjelma

15. Blog anda.

4. Ingat! Jangan Ubah urutan daftar link itu. Jika setiap blogger mengikuti formula tersebut, maka bakal menghasilkan backlink seperti berikut:

Bila posisi anda pada no.15, jumlah backlink = 1
Posisi no.14, Jumlah backlink = 5
Posisi no.13, Jumlah backlink = 25
Posisi no.12, Jumlah backlink = 125
Posisi no.11, Jumlah backlink = 625
Posisi no.10, Jumlah backlink = 3,125
Posisi no.9, Jumlah backlink = 15,625
Posisi no.8, Jumlah backlink = 78,125
Posisi no.7, Jumlah backlink = 390,625
Posisi no.6, Jumlah backlink = 1,953,125
Posisi no.5, Jumlah backlink = 9,765,625
Posisi no.4, Jumlah backlink = 48,828,125
Posisi no.3, Jumlah backlink = 244,140,625
Posisi no.2, Jumlah backlink = 1,220,703,125
Posisi no.1, Jumlah backlink = 6,103,515,625

Kita sama-sama cuba jaya okk….
Selamat mencuba!!!

***Ingat...jangan menipu...tolong menolong sesama rakan blogger untuk mendapat trafic yang banyak... Pastu Jgn Lupa promote link entry ni.. kt member2 korang.. lagi byk lagi bagus.. kalau sehari promote kat 100 blog mungkin yg buat 10% jer maknenya dalam 10 org yg buat... ingat lagi byk backlink kiter... lagi tinggi rating kiter kat google..


Thursday, January 13, 2011

camera basics 2. SHUTTER SPEED

SHUTTER SPEED - is defined by, the amount of time that the shutter is open

So, arini, aku nak share serba sikit yg aku amek dari web, pasal SHUTTER SPPED ni,

1. Shutter Speed diukur dalam saat atau, pecahan saat seperti 30",15",3",1/10,1/40,1/200,1/4000.

2. Usually, kite akan pakai shutter speed 1/60 atau lagi laju spt 1/80,1/100 - gambar susah untuk ditangkap dalam shutter speed yg lagi slow. Gambar akan blurr.

3. Kalau nak jugak pakai shutter speed lagi rendah drpd 1/60 - pakai tripod stand atau image stabiliser (normally installed on camera)

4. Lihat subjek samada bergerak atau pegun - Shutter speed laju digunakan untuk gambar yang bergerak dan shutter speed perlahan untuk gambar yang pegun.
Gambar ini ditangkap menggunakan setting shutter speed yang laju.

5. Sesetengah gamba yang bergerak diambil dengan shutter spped yang rendah - menunjukkan kesan pergerakan contohnya, kereta, air terjun dll.

6. BAGI YANG MENGGUNAKAN MANUAL MODE - diingatkan, setiap pertukaran shutter speed memberikan kesan pada APERTURE dan ISO setting, so, kalau tuka shutter speed, make sure tengokkan skali aperture value and ISO supaya gambar tidak overexpose dan underexpose.

Thats all for today. Selamat mencuba :)

Take a look,

Slow and Fast Shutter Speed :) Image from google

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

camera basics 1. APERTURE

Apa itu Aperture? Senang cite, - Aperture adalah 'saiz lubang pada lens, bila amek gamba. " Ketika anda menekan butang shutter, kamera membuka lubang yang membolehkan kamera sensor gambar anda untuk melihat sekilas dari adegan anda ingin tangkap.

Aperture yang anda tetapkan mempengaruhi saiz lubang itu. Semakin besar lubang , semakin banyak cahaya masuk and vice verca.

Aperture diukur dalam 'f-stops' misalnya f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6 f/8, f/22.

1 thing perlu ingat, lagi kecik aperture, lagi banyak cahaya masok. So, aperture f/2.8 lagi besa daripada f/22.

aperture f/2.8
aperture : f/22
so, compare n contrast, both pictures, tgok camne depth of focus for kedua2 gamba

cube tgok kucing2 ni, cumi n ciki :). gamba ni amek pki aperture besa (f/5.6) , kucing je yg clear, background da blurr, kalau nak bacground jelas, pakai aperture kecik (f/22).

kalau dah faham, cube korang pike2 ape aperture yg sesuai untuk gambar :





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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

with love - UMARIAN 2010 -


FORM 1 : boring, still kanak2. ikut peraturan :)
FORM 2 : da besa sikit. had a first CRUSH, haha. blaja2 bwk handphone
FORM 3 : PMR ! PMR ! busy year! flying colours :)
FORM 4 : zaman kegelapan, kes2 berlaku, ilang jawatan BADAR !
FORM 5 : UMARIAN,class monitor :)SPM ! hopefully flying colours jugakk

But, I just nak highlight form 5, BEING AN UMARIAN

everything started when i was appointed the pose as a class monitor, huhh, very challenging ! jadi PENGAWAS n BADAR pon xde la bz camnih !

bak kata CLARK KENT, when u have powers, come great responsibilities :)

here am i, doing my duty :)

my asisstant, NUR SARAH BINTI KHAIR (orange shirt) , kami same2 MALAS. haha. tp malas2 pon, kami menang no 2 dalam pertandingan kelas terbersih :)thanx all !

BOYS, mereka sbenarnye tgh lepak2 d HQ, huhu, ni la bende yg slalu kita org wat time xde cikgu. BUANG MASE, BUANG MASE, BUANG MASE.
tp kalau datang PENGET or GPK memang kene la, anyway, life is full of risks, so dont b afraid to take it :) yang penting HAPPY !

GIRLS, selalu berperang ! everybode keep accusing each other 4 the CLASS HYGIENE, haha, naseb baek la menang gak kelas terbersih, kalau x , xtahula nak ckp pe! ape la nye pompuan, phm2 je la klu kene kemas tuh :P

this one is also kat HQ, tp ni tme hari JUMAAT, dats y pakai baju tuh.

ktorg (boys) selalu wat jamuan, jamuan perpisahan,kesyukuran,pertemuan, n macam2 lg..
pendek kate, tiap bulan ade jamuan. HAHA

dah xde keje afte kenyang makan :0

MISSING this moments guys,

with bestfren, SYAFIQ :)

happy faces :)

classmembers of 2010 :)

danial, syafiq, soya, mat..

cai, baden,john, capiq (terlidung) group! our nite activity :)

Ni sebenarnya, JOKE BODOH yang dak2 ni wt kat kelas, time trial da rse cam orang gile, bayangkan trial for SEBULAN, penat gak a, so, main a teke teki..hehe..

macam ni, cube tgok gamba PAKCIK TUH, teka teki berbunyi, skarang pakcik ni pakai TENGKOLOK saiz M, cube jadikan TENGKOLOK tu saiz XXL.

pike punye pike, memang x dapat a, last2 ade org bagi jawapan.

caranya :
1.lipat duit seperti gamba di bawah,
2. tebgkolok da besa, sebagai buktti, mata pakcik ni da kat bawah tengkolok da, hehe

hehe, JUST JOKING, maaf yer :)

class ni la yg paling ENJOY, sume 1 kepala, bole lpak2 kt HQ (meja aku), jamuan same2, gadoh same2, meniru same2, HAHA

everytg SAME2, x kesah la, myb ade problem2, bt biasalah asam garam kehidupan, terima je lah yer :|

i really appriciate this moment you guys, missing ot already, hope that we wont lose contact,sayang korang sume :),