Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saya dapat 5 A je SPM, boleh lagi ke nak apply mana mana?

Saya dapat 5 A je SPM, boleh lagi ke nak apply mana mana? So, the long awaited results had just came out today. Emotions had been shared since this morning and maybe still be shared at the current time this blog author is updating his blog. 

Jangan la sedih camtu, tak comel dah, smile please :)

Three type of faces can be seen today. First, for the one who succeeds, joy can be easily interpreted from the smile and tears from the face, but secondly tears still can also be seen on the face of certain students whose result is not as good as the one who succeeds, and lastly, the heartless and emotionless face can also be seen on the face of students who don't really know what are they doing at school, whether to socialize themselves in a real-life social network or just to get famous to market themselves. Err. Maybe they don't know which one come first and should be make a priority, between school or fame. 

As for the teachers, the results of rivalry between schools also come out today. Teachers compete between interschool competition to gain the fame and reputation of their own perspective school. This year, the previous school of mine rivalry's record is not so good, but still, can beat the nearest school that is STJ. Congrats for that ! Congratulation also for the teachers who have been teaching their students throughout the year 2011 :) 

Is 17A1 really that excellent? Ask yourselves. (gambar hiasan)

Back to the topic, I highlighted 5 A's for the result because I think that 5 As is a common result and average result for the students. Not so excellent and yet, not a bad result. So, for those who get 5 As, can you still apply for a University? Matrix? IPG? Poli? 

YES, you may apply all of them because you are still eligible to apply all of them. Take a look at your exam result slip, THINK AS POSITIVE AS YOU CAN for the result. The world not yet ends !  Revise your slip, and make decision for which part that can give you credits to apply for University. I mean, if your Biology results is not good, don't go for Bio in the university, take physics, or you can even take accounting, lawyer, religious, language and many other areas :) Just leave all the childhood ambition and start to think for you adulthood life in the future. 

Your life has just begin. I have a friend that has been scoring 4.0 for the past few semester in Matrix and for your information, she did not get straight As in her SPM 2010. I salute her, even me myself can not achieve what she achieves. Congratulation if you read this post my friend :) 

As for the SPM freshies, good luck in making your decision. Please remember that this will be a big move for you in deciding your future. Do contact me, directly or personally if you need some assistance. 

Thanks for reading !


  1. nice post paan. i think i know who is she. i also salute her.

    1. tu lah, nak gak cungkil rahsia kejayaan dia :D

  2. thank u it inspires me a lot