Saturday, June 8, 2013

List to do to get the most from your computer

Just a simple sharing. List to do to get the most from your computer

1. Always clear the temporary file (can use CCleaner)

2. Delete unused registry keys. (can use CCleaner), or otherwise can use regedit, but it is not recommended unless you know how to delete registry in regedit.

3. Get an antivirus, scan regularly.

4. Defrag your computer regularly

5. It is okay to get anything from the internet, just be aware of what you are downloading and what you are installing.

6. Get an extenal drive for backing up important files, you may not know if some accident will happen to your laptop or computer.

7. Only use the most essential and needed software to run at startup, this can be set in start>run>msconfig, this will significantly increase your computer performance during startup.

8. Upgrade your RAM.

9. Use SSD instead of HDD, one thing to bare in mind is the cost for SSD is a bit expensive.

10. Upgrade your computer and get a better spec computer :p

TQ for reading :)

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