Monday, January 16, 2012

Race Sentiment, State Sentiment, Sensitive.

Race Sentiment, State Sentiment, Religion?

Look simple. Yes, perhaps. For certain people, yes. They may look simple. These type of people normally don't really care about these three. All that they know are making assumptions based on people views, media, newspaper and etc. People misjudged other people by stereotyping and make easy assumption based on their short-reflected mind.

This is what I called stereotyping :

Sincerely, I am not denying this moron who accused that some Kelantanese are being hated by others. But, one question you must ask yourself, do all Kelantanese are the same? Why don't you try to speak properly.

Back to the topic, why is always Kelantanese accused for being bad? Is it the citizens from other states is perfect enough to make such assumption? Is it fair enough to the Kelantanese for us to say so? Why not use other state for BAD example? Why must Kelantan? 

I am not talking this randomly. Dramas, movies, newspapers, most of them show the act of generalization and stereotyping toward Kelantanese. Still remember this movie? 


And still, there are a lot of them, which I failed to get the screen capture. Try to look at this google search, compare and contrast :-

See? Do you know how can Google display such results? Blogger should know this. It is all about traffic. A lot of people say bad things about Kelantan, and we can see it up there.

And about the sentiment, if we learn history, we will know that British, Japan, Portuguese who oppressed us never touch this sentiment. Why? because it is sensitive. Using this issue is like creating sparks that can create a big fire. 

If we see this issue in a nationwide term, we can see, because of some people who are really noisy and pretend that they are the hero of the race cause some privileges that we get for quite a long time being reduced, day by day. Quota for Bumis are reduced day by day, and non-Bumis are struggling day by day to make the quota equal. So, in the first place, why does this happen? It happens because the act of the Bumis themselves. They are too busy claiming their 'rights' and had cause the non-Bumis to claim theirs too. 

So guys, remember, there are some parts that we should avoid. Try to think about other people's sensitivity, so that others will think about your sensitivity too.


p/s: This is just my personal opinion, other may think differently on this issue. Just leave a comment if there is something wrong with this post.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

SPM Freshies? Choosing UPU? Mind to read :)

SPM 2011 just ended by the end of December 2011, my juniors from Intej must be relaxing at their home now, spending quality times with their families, attending driving classes and there must be some of them working part time to collect some money in this four to five months holiday. 

But, I dont think that's the main thing I am gonna write on this lovely evening. Today, I'm writing about your PATH AND CHOICE for UPU ! 

The application for UPU had been opened once again this year, giving you guys list of universities to be chosen around Malaysia. Frankly saying, there will be a lot of choice and maybe some of you will have the difficulties to choose which university to be applied. Here's my tip.

  • Just keep aside your childhood ambition

    Most of us have the childhood ambition, for example, me myself, wanting to be a doctor for a quite a long time, and I end up to take engineering course right now. The reason I say so is because you still don't know how good or how bad is your result. Try to think what will happen if you choose all medic course but your results in SPM don't make you qualify to study medic?
  • Widen your choices

    Don't limit your choices for a particular area only. Don't put all your choices in the same part, widen your choice. Studying in a religious class wont assure you to be an Ustaz, so do studying in the account class, you may not be an accountant, you may become a Doctor. And so on.
  • Foundation or diploma?

    This one is quite subjective. Frankly saying, if you think you can do very well in your exams, go for foundation. The reason I say that is because if you score high grades, you will automatically eligible to enter the diploma and the possibilities is very high for you to enter diploma. Diploma takes 3 years, and Foundation only 1 years or at most 2 years. Don't feel bad if you have to take diploma. Diploma is also okay :)
  • Ask your seniors

    Your seniors have been in your shoes, having dilemma to choose which course and university they should do the application. Try talking with them. I am sure they wont hesitate to help you and they will surely be happy to get a call from their juniors.
  • Dont forget your PARENTS

    Discuss with them about your choices before choosing them. They have been knowing you and they know what are you capable at. There may be some cases your parents choice contradict with your choices. If you still want to choose it, talk to your parents carefully, have a slow talk with them, convince them that you can do the thing that you want. Insyallah, they also want the best for their kids.
  • Last, but not least, ISTIKHARAH.

    If you are feeling so hard, don't know which to choose, talked to your parents but still ended in dilemma to choose the courses, do solat istikharah. Remember, ALLAH is always by our side. Take your time, the due date is still long, do solat istikharah, ask for His guidance, insyallah He will lead you and give you the best choice ;)

I think that's all I can say about this matter. Just tell me if there's anything I forget to say. All the best in choosing the courses. Good Luck !

p/s : Don't you think it is the end of the world if you cannot choose the course you that you want, the choice that you get may be lot better than what you think.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jempol, a name that will never fade.

A month before 12th January 2006,

"Vroom vroom" - the sound of a motorcycle was heard from inside a house.

Stepping outside, Farhan rushed toward the mailbox. He was waiting for an offer letter from the Ministry of Education . A letter is enough. A letter with "Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda" stamped on the white A4 A4 sized envelope which the contents were a yellow offer letter and a booklet about the terms and condition that had to be agreed by him to enter a boarding school.

And that day, he was just being lucky. That day had come. He really got offered to a boarding school. SBPI JEMPOL, the name of the school. A name that was very rare to him and his family at that time. . Batu Kikir was also not forgotten. A very unfamiliar name in a very unfamiliar place until Farhan had to find a map to see the location of that school. A school that would soon change the destiny of his life...

The registration day. 0730 am, 12th January 2006, SBPI Jempol. 

Greenery was the school theme perhaps. The buildings, the fields, the surrounding, most are in green colour and create a very peaceful mood there. Farhan and his family arrived in the school very early, the registration had not even started yet. His father took the initiative to come early because of fearing that he would get lost during the journey, thank God, they reached Jempol safely.

The student registration was a success. Most of the student accepted the offer and agreed with the term and condition.

  • Attendance- check!
  • Registration fee - check!
  • Hostel tools - check!
  • Briefing for parents - check!
So, his parents would be going home then, leaving him there with a mount of hope to see him success for the next five years.

 1 Abu Bakar As Siddiq, form 1 class.

Farhan was initially assigned in 1UF, but after sitting for an evaluation test for Science and Maths in English, he scored high marks and managed to enter 1AB. Ustazah Nik Rohajar was the teacher in charge for the class that year. In 1AB, Farhan got new friends and those friends become his friends till now.

2 Umar Al Khattab, form 2 class.

Scored A in Form 1 science, but B in Maths, Farhan had to enter 2 UK. Nothing much to be tell in Form 2. Hehe

3 Abu Bakar As Siddiq, form 3 class.

PMR was the main target that year. 9 subject to be taken, BM, BI, BA, MT, SC, PI, GEO, KH, and Sejarah. The year was a successful year, Farhan scored excellently for PMR and aimed for 'Religious Science' stream in form 4.

4 Abu Bakar As Siddiq, form 4 class.

9 As in PMR had made Farhan eligible to enter 4AB, a class that is only occupied by students who achieved 9As in PMR. Alhamdulillah, Farhan was one of them and he hoped to get excellent results for a bigger exam, SPM, which he would sit in the incoming year.

5 Umar Al Khattab, form 5. 

Final year, Farhan ended his study with a success. 9As for SPM, Farhan also gave some credits to his classmates. Refer post With Love, UMARIAN  . 5 years felt so short and it already ended. Bye school, Bye Jempol.


 12th January 2012, 6 years passed. 

 Perhaps its an irony, perhaps. Perhaps its just a coincidence. Farhan went to SBPI Jempol. The day he registered became the day he went there to collect the SPM certificate and the Cambridge certificate. Now, Farhan is studying at a university in Perak. A university which environment is quite similar to Jempol. A university that is also away from urbanization. Tronoh will now be replacing Jempol in Farhan's heart. At most and at least, 5 years, with the will of Allah.

Lets us pray for Farhan for his success in University Technology of Petronas. May Allah bless him during his study years and may he become a success geoscientist in the future.

- END -

Dear readers, enjoy your school days before it ends. You will never get such experience anywhere. Never.

 p/s: no love story in the school years :P

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A bunch of appology to the nearest friends of mine.

To whom this blogpost it may concern,

There are some unsettled business I think around all of us.
Maybe there are some words that I am not suppose to say.
Maybe there are some of my act that did irritate you guys.
Maybe there are something I post, tweet or blogged have been bothering you guys. 
Maybe it's me myself who is always giving trouble to you guys. 

Sorry coz I don't have any intention to make you guys sick of me.
I just meant it for the fun among us, 
Yes, I am loud, if you guys still don't know me, 
Sorry if that loudness of mine that cause all of this unwanted things. 
If that's the case, just tell me. 
I'll be silent.
I won't be loud anymore. 

And maybe I wont stay there anymore. If you wish me to do that.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Equipment, new hope?

...continued from the previous post.

So, the slave of Allah, finished his war after 3 hours of struggling. The war was not as hard as he thought, but still, without sufficient training and skills, the war would be a hard one. The war, which was in a cold weather, nevertheless did affect the slave physical and mental activity due to the coldness of the place named Chancellor Hall.

The victory that had been brought back also brought together joy to the citizens of UTP. All of the citizens kept talking about it, so did the slave. While enjoying the afternoon meal with the colleagues, the emotion was shared between them. The atmosphere was so warm in the dining hall. Maybe that would be the last time they had sat together having the meal for that particular chapter of life.


New chapter of life will start in 3 weeks and the slave is hoping to turn a new leaf and be a better person. In the new chapter, there is also war to be fought by the slave and his colleagues. A greater war, a war that will determine the way of life for the slave in his upcoming 4 years in UTP.

For the new chapter, the slave is hoping to get a new equipment. He does not want to use those vocational tools anymore. Pencils, pens, erasers, and papers may still be used. But the slave wants to have better tools.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus , a lightweight and slick tablet had been reviewed for a quite long time by the slave. The slave had investigated and make some researches on the method of using the tools. Long enough till he can make the decision to get the tablet. A tablet that will be sold in the market with the price of 1600++ gold. Yet, the price of gold is always increasing and this may decrease the selling price of the tab.

With the new equipment, the slave hopes that he can be a better person and win more wars in his life at UTP. Winning more wars means the greater life can be indulged by the slave in the future. And the slave also hopes and seeks the prayer from all the people around him to ensure his victory in whatever war he fight.

InsyAllah, with a new equipment, new hope will rose and with the new hope, new effort will be made and with new effort, greater success can be earned :)


A slave will always be a slave. Do the things asked by your master and leave the things prohibited by Him. Remember the limits and insyAllah we can be a great slave. A slave of ALLAH :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Final war. Last Day of semester.

In a calm and peaceful night.

Stood still, an innocent slave, by a magical square device in the 21st century. The magical square device is called COMPUTER.

Yes, COMPUTER, such a simple and sweet name for a small, cute, but yet, a DESTRUCTIVE thing. Time moves so fast when the slave stood there. Sitting there, the slave of God, posting something, into a realm. A realm that connects all of the slaves around the world.

The slave is so calm that night although he will be having a war. The last war from the last chapter of his second part of life, in his life in the world of UTP.

It's called the war of Islamic Studies. It is similar to the war that the slave had gone through in his previous chapter of life, but with different characters of enemy. Which the enemies in this war is from English, not Bahasa which had been a quite easy win for the slave, with his Islamic education background.

And in this lovely night, the slave is fixing his tools, which he had left for a quite long time since the last test. But the slave is not by himself, alone in the dark, he's with his colleagues , Fahim, Pijo and Ajim in the dark night, and may be accompanied with few companions who are yet to come.

By tomorrow, the fate of the slave will be decided, whether he will win or lose in the war.

To be continued...

Lets us pray for the slave of Allah and his colleagues for the war :) Insyallah.

Allahummarzuqna Najahan Bahiran Fit Ta'lim Wal Imtihan Fid Dunia Wal Akhirah!



14 hours before exam

Just a post about myself .
Being frustrated with things around me.
Exams, Coursework, FLOORMATES.

Currently my study mood is just like being switched off.
Burning the midnight oil. Suppose to be okay. There's nothing much to be revised actually.

Everything started with a bunch of moron people telling shit about those Arabians having a fight with the security. The best thing to be done is by being an unqualified and uncertified story teller in front of my room and telling the story like the whole world is sooooo interested to hear that.



I think that's all. I do appreciate your judgement about my "friends" .

p/s: Thanks Pijo, Ajim, Kairy and others who never fail to make me happy. Not all my floormates disappoint me. Nizam, Sufi, Is, Lukman n others are still okay after all :)

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just for Laugh xD

Top 11 Samy Vellu Jokes

Don't know him? Okay. Maybe korang muda lagi kot. Ni la dia Sammy Vellu.

Ni serba sedikit pasal dia ;

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu (Tamil: சாமிவேலு சங்கிலிமுத்து) (born 8 March 1936) is an Indian Malaysian politician. He is the longest serving President of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a component party of the Barisan Nasional coalition, holding the position since 1979, for 11 consecutive terms. He was the Works Minister of Malaysia and the longest serving minister in the Cabinet of Malaysia until he lost his parliamentary seat in the 2008 general elections. He has since announced his intended retirement in December 2010 even though his contract ends in January 2011 paving way to his present deputy Dato' G. Palanivel to succeed.

Copied from Wikipedia

And these are his top 11 jokes..

1. Samy Vellu quoted on Pos Laju:
"Besok kirim, hari ini juga sampai"

2. On one TV news when he tried to say he felt very ashamed:
"Ini perkara sangat memalukan saya dan kemaluan saya sangat-sangat la besar"

3. Samy said in one of his “ceramah”:
"Kita akan bina satu jambatan wuntuk worang2 kampong di sini." Then one pakcik asked, "Datuk, sini takde sungai, buat apa bina jambatan?" And Samy gloriously replied, "Kalao takde sungai, kita bina sungai"

4. Samy's most favourite quote on the news for the decade is this:
"Toll naik sikit, banyak marah saya. You worang ingat semua ini toll saya punyer bapah punya kah!”

5. During water crisis:
"Semua worang diminta jangan membuang aiyerr!"

6. On social society's problem:
"Worang2 muda sekarang banyak suka hisap dade"

7. During blood donation's program at Sungai Siput:
"Marilah kita semua menderma dare"

8. His welcome speech in most of his functions:
"Selamat datang saudara-mara semua" (It should have been “saudara-saudari”)

9. During the height of the Al-Arqam's saga, he said in a press conference:
"Saya gumbira bahawa didapati tiada pemuda MIC terlibat dalam kes Arqam"

10. At an opening ceremony for a new building:
"Mempersilakan Datin Paduka Rafidah Aziz naik dari pentas wuntuk membuka kain"


And of course the world's most joke of all time:

"Kita akan bina roket pigi matahari." One of the reporter responded, "Tapi Datuk, matahari terlalu panas untuk didekati." Samy replied, "Itu tade masalah. Kita hantar waktu malam"

credit to IMBA blog

p/s : I just copied from other sites. Don't know wether true or not. Anyway, just for fun :)

2012 Resolutions?

January 2012.

New year, new resolution, new spirit.

"Success in study", "Get new friends", "Become a better person" and etc. Those quotes are widely spoken among the creatures who are occupying the planet, Earth. The creature? HUMAN. Yes, human. Human is the name of the creature.

Every year, new resolutions has been chosen by human. Most of the resolution are positive resolution like I stated above in the early of the post. But, there are also few human on earth that choose to have a bad resolution.

Okay, it doesn't matter to have a good or bad resolution. I don't really care about your resolution btw. But firstly, ask yourself. Have you done all the resolutions that you planned in the year before? If you can't done all of them, at least, have you done one of the resolution that you have planned?

If your answer is YES. Congratulations. It's a great thing for you. At least you have a better year compared to the previous one.

BUT if your answer is NO. Don't condemn yourself. At least, you have the resolutions. You want to change. It is just the time and place that prevent you from doing your resolution for that particular year. "I WANT TO FINISH UP MY PREVIOUS YEAR'S RESOLUTION". That is suppose to be your resolution for this year.

Be thankful to Allah who had given you a sane mind for you to think for a better future. Also million thanks to Allah also who gives you chances and opportunity to live in His world, to breath with His air and to indulge with His Blessing.

Alhamdulillah :)

Babbling randomly.

January 2012.
Feel so quick.
19 already this year.
Getting older.
Next year, 20, then? 21, 22, 23, ...

But how is our achievement throughout the days that we left.
What can we be proud of ourselves?
Think it wisely.
Be matured.

Let's take a look at the world now.
Let's take a look at our country, Malaysia.
What can we do to raise the country?

Do you know Salahuddin Al Ayyubi? At the age of teenagers, he managed to get back Constantinople from the Christ.
He's such a young boy at that time. But still, he was a great warrior.
But us, staying in the college, university, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY.

Let us put away our ego,
Try to think wisely.
Who are we going to follow?
"Tepuk dada tanya iman" We actually know who are in the right side and who are in the wrong side. We just blind our eyes and deafen our ears. That's all.

Come on friends. Let's strive for victory. ALLAHUAKBAR !

p/s: lol. this is just a nonsense entry. feeling tense for the final exam. do pray for my success. thanks :)