Tuesday, February 28, 2012

POLITICS for student?

Students involve in politic, necessary or not? In Malaysia's public universities, we can see students raising their voices about politics. AUKU, university act n many more issues have been raised by student bodies as a sense of dissatisfaction to the the university's administration. Worse than that, there are also universities that their students split themselves into two big groups, 'aspirasi' and 'mahasiswa', both groups resembling government and opposition. 

Above are some radical example about political affiliation in universities. There are also some students showing their political affiliation in Facebook, Twitter and other social network web.

Back to the point, is it necessary? My opinion in this matter is simple. We are in the stage of being an adult. So we need to involve in politics.. But, I don't mean that we have to involve in doing the campaign, provoking, commenting about the political party and so on. What I mean is about  getting the knowledge about the world of politics, know our leaders and their contribution towards the country.

Why is it necessary to have the knowledge? Because one day, we will be eligible to vote. Each vote counts in choosing our leader. That is the importance of voting. Only one vote is needed to determine the formation of a government. We will get the credits for each good deeds done by our leaders, so do the bad deeds.

Refer surah al-zalzalah 99 verse 7-8. Everything that we do, no matter it is small, or big, will be asked during the hereafter, so do as voting.

Just one advice from me ;
You can gain as much political knowledge as you want, but just keep your heads own until you are truly eligible involve in the political arena. Undi itu rahsia :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

11A's ? 10 A's? 9A's ? Useless in university.

A controversial topic today, please don't judge me yet. Read the whole post and you may do the judging.

In the school level, those are the target that become the dream of most student. Scholarship, good universities and flying overseas to further studies are a few examples that encourage students to have those targets during the school years, especially to those who are studying in the boarding school. 

We are living in a result-oriented system that emphasize students to get good results to further studies in a good university, thus, ensuring a bright future in their life. Nevertheless, students who get poor results cannot enter good universities or even worst cant further their study at all unless, they have MONEY.

But, frankly speaking, studying in university is not the same as in school. Being excellence at school does not really ensure your excellence in university.

During our school days, we have teachers to provide us everything that we need for our study. Notes, hand outs and even tuition, all of those are provided for us. We are also being babbled, scolded and punished if we are being lazy in school. No wonder we can score very excellent marks during those days.

But here, in university, you have to be independent and this independent has nothing to do with that 'independent' that we get from the boarding school. The independence to keep our bed clean, to wash clothes by ourselves, to manage our money well. Those are nothing compared to the university life.

In university, the life will be completely different. No one will care about your study, except for the students who are self sponsored, their parents would care because of the high tuition fees nowadays. Other than that, you are free. This answers why some SBP and MRSM students fail in the university. 

The most important thing is effort. Big effort, big success. Small effort, small success. These are the simple rules in the university. So, for the students who will get their SPM results later, just remember that the result is just a ticket to enter the university. Neither it will secure your future, nor your job. The real life has just begin :)

Thanks for reading !

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pull and push, in other words, TOLERANCE

Tug of War, an old-traditioned game that is still be played until now, a game which is usually participated by two teams that have quite the same strength. The winner will be chosen when one team is capable to pull the rope until a certain point. Physically, that's the way people play the game.

Is that the only thing to be written about that? Nope, that's only tug of war, literally.

But, deep inside, tug of war is not just about pull and push. Its more than that.

TOLERANCY. The keyword that I am going to use tonight.

Two parties quarreling with each other. Just for clarification, the party that I mention is not related to any political party, but the party I mean is known in Malay as 'pihak'. Also can be used for individuals, organisation, and others.

So, how can I relate Tolerance with tug of war? As I stated earlier, tug of war is not only a matter of creating two teams with both having infinite strength to win the competition. The value tolerancy can be seen when a party voluntarily be tolerant to the other team by letting the rope slowly thus giving the other team victory for the competition. 

The same thing should we applicate in our life. Be tolerant with each other. One will not always right and one will not always be wrong. There might be some of the time that the people that we think they are wrong, but they are actually right.

In term of friends, try to be tolerant with your friends. Try to accept your friends' weakness instead of isolating your innocent friends. We should remember that we also have weakness.  They may not know their weaknesses and we should approach them with diplomacy.

Just remember one thing. "kawan-kawan lah orang yang akan selalu ada ngn kita, infact, sekiranya kita ditakdirkan kita mati pada usia muda, mereka lah yang akan memandikan, mengkafankan, dan menyembahyangkan kita, bukannya girlfriend yang kita banggakan."

Thanks for reading :)