Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hello everybody,

Sorry if you are waiting for me to update my blog. Currently, I'm too busy with the foundation first in UTP, which i think I'm quite shocked because of not studying and opening even an academic book after finishing SPM last year xD.

One more, i think i am quite active in the micro-blog, Twitter . follow me if you want @ahmdfarhan

So, a lot of revision need to be done, because I'll be having my exams right after Hari Raya. I promise to update my blog as soon as possible when i have the time .

The topic that i would probably write is about HDR, bracketing, Light trails n others, wait and see guys , :)

Looking forward to have this 'thing' . Papa, buy me one ok ! I haven't claim my birthday present yet. xD

p/s : I'll be an official photographer for our family this Hari Raya. Pictures to be uploaded then :D

Farhan Zulkarnain

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