Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Najla o Najla

helo !

today, im gonna introduce my beloved sister ! NUR NAJLA
was born on 20th august 2010, in Kajang,

currently 1 years and 5 month old :) very active, talkative, bising, comel 'like brother like sister :P '

take a look at her :)

cube tgok gaya die membaca tu, macam la pandai, huh :P . gaya je lbeh !

if u take a closer look, she's actually taking her picture using the handphone ! we nvr teach her to take picture like that, x taw la spe aja, huhu

actually, NAJLA tiru gaya2 kawan2 baek dy CUMI,CIKI,MANDY (cat) , suke sgt masok bakul, pastu jerit mintak TOLONG, haha, klaka btol, u shoul see her with ur naked eye 8-)

this one is a quite blurr picture, bt still, she looks cute n adorable :)

gmba ni pon xready, haha, name pon CANDID . the point is, SHE IS CUTE !

these images are taken during PAKCIK PUNGUT's daughter wedding. she's too obsessed with christmas tree, jumping n screaming "cantiknye ! cantiknye ! "
geram betul tgokkk!

this one is called MATA CANTIK, haha, bile orang suruh wat mata cantik, camni la akan jadi, xtaw la sape yg cakap camtu cantik, adoyy NAJLA NAJLA, :)

NAJLA is our buah hati :)
Thanx ALLAH for sending her,
hopefully she grow up and be a good person :)

Yours Sincerely,
Abg Paan :)


  1. terharu baca:)..

  2. kalau adik kau dah besar ni paan , mesti die terharu bile bace :')

  3. la dak kecik yg aku jmpe kat umah comey :D