Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dependency to One

Credit to Arif Azami for the topic. 11 March 2012, Chong Wei loss to Lin Dan in All England 2012 Badminton tournament which is held in England. Shoulder injury caused him to forfeit the match. Thus, losing the tournament last week. So, what’s the relation with the topic today?

My topic today, Dependency to one, is about our dependency to one party in accomplishing our goals in our life. In this context, Malaysian's dependency to Lee Chong Wei for him to win the tournament. We as Malaysians are relying too much with him as Malaysian number one. Lee Chong Wei had to participate in a lot of tournaments to maintain his rank. In the first place, Why must be him? Why not others? Can’t we train other players to be like him?

As for Lin Dan, he can choose to play any tournament he want, thus having plenty of rest whenever he needs, if we see the statistic of games played between those two, is it really necessary to become world no 1? Are you going to represent Earthlings to participate in an inter-planet competition? No, it’s just for fame and reputation. Thus, my opinion is LCW should also give chance to others. Let us take and compare the participation for LCW and LD.

Humans have their own limit. Humans are bounded with millions of weakness and had made them vulnerable when stretched continuously in any matter or purpose they are doing. Same as LCW, he participated in a lot of tournaments, giving him fatigueness that leads to injury. Not just him, we ourselves, if we keep doing things and pushed our body to the limit for quite long time, we will get injured, no matter mentally or physically. Lets not depend on him to much. What will happen to Malaysia if something bad happen to him? or he suddenly had an accident and become permanently disabled?

Well, that’s all about human. What about Allah? Can we make Him as the one that we depend every day? Logically, there are millions of Muslims around the world that depend on him every seconds, minutes, hours, day, months and years. If he is similar to us, he won’t be able to grant all the wishes that human asks from him. If somebody had watched the movie below, we can see that this "god" cannot grant all the wishes that came from all the human.

Human cannot do the role of God.

But ALLAH is the God, the creator of the universe, the creator of all the things around us. He is capable to do everything that we ourselves cannot do as a weak creature. Dependency to him is not just for the happiness in this world. But also for the eternal happiness in the hereafter. We should depend on him in anything that we do, tawakkal. The best word to describe our dependency to Him, after giving our effort on something, say your prayers and tawakkal to Him. He knows what is best for us. Wallahua'lam. 
As a human, lets us not only depend on human to achieve our goals in life. Maintain your relationship with Allah, our creator. Do what He asks and avoid what he don't ask :)


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