Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's finish what we started !

Before starting the entry, first and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah for the blessings he gave me for nearly 20 years of living in this world. 20 years felt so short, and now, I am here, stranded in this dessert-like climate place called Tronoh, to finish what I started on the 19th of May last year. 

Petroleum Geoscience offer letter

3 semesters of foundation with average 17 credit hours for each semester. The foundation programme here do bring us heavy headache, just try to imagine this, you learn about something, you left it for about 4 months and you expect to excel in that. That's how the things work here. 
4 months of holiday after SPM > Physics/Chem/Calculus/English > IslamicStudy/Thinking skills/Programming/English > Physics/Chem/Calculus once again. 
Those are my subjects that I took for the last 3 semesters. The toughest was the third semester. Everything seemed so blur, especially after finishing the second semester which was quite easy if compared to the other two.

Well, that's the ups and down in life. For the readers who are taking SPM this years, be thankful about it, you have two years to study compared to us who are having less than 6 months to complete the syllabus. Two years should be more than enough to be excellent. Study hard, study smart, doa, insyaAllah it worth the effort you take.

Expectation for the next 4 years :
study > internship > FYP > Graduate > working > find a wife perhaps? > Happily ever after. 
To meet above expectation, twice or thrice the current effort need to be applied. InsyaAllah I can do it. Petroleum Geoscientist in making for the next 4 years :) 

Do pray for ourselves dear readers, may we all live in His peace and blessings.

TQ for reading !

p/s : Don't forget our Muslims brother in Myanmar, if we can't help them physically, it is enough to pray for them, insyaAllah Allah will help them , Amiin . 

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