Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pull and push, in other words, TOLERANCE

Tug of War, an old-traditioned game that is still be played until now, a game which is usually participated by two teams that have quite the same strength. The winner will be chosen when one team is capable to pull the rope until a certain point. Physically, that's the way people play the game.

Is that the only thing to be written about that? Nope, that's only tug of war, literally.

But, deep inside, tug of war is not just about pull and push. Its more than that.

TOLERANCY. The keyword that I am going to use tonight.

Two parties quarreling with each other. Just for clarification, the party that I mention is not related to any political party, but the party I mean is known in Malay as 'pihak'. Also can be used for individuals, organisation, and others.

So, how can I relate Tolerance with tug of war? As I stated earlier, tug of war is not only a matter of creating two teams with both having infinite strength to win the competition. The value tolerancy can be seen when a party voluntarily be tolerant to the other team by letting the rope slowly thus giving the other team victory for the competition. 

The same thing should we applicate in our life. Be tolerant with each other. One will not always right and one will not always be wrong. There might be some of the time that the people that we think they are wrong, but they are actually right.

In term of friends, try to be tolerant with your friends. Try to accept your friends' weakness instead of isolating your innocent friends. We should remember that we also have weakness.  They may not know their weaknesses and we should approach them with diplomacy.

Just remember one thing. "kawan-kawan lah orang yang akan selalu ada ngn kita, infact, sekiranya kita ditakdirkan kita mati pada usia muda, mereka lah yang akan memandikan, mengkafankan, dan menyembahyangkan kita, bukannya girlfriend yang kita banggakan."

Thanks for reading :)