Tuesday, February 28, 2012

POLITICS for student?

Students involve in politic, necessary or not? In Malaysia's public universities, we can see students raising their voices about politics. AUKU, university act n many more issues have been raised by student bodies as a sense of dissatisfaction to the the university's administration. Worse than that, there are also universities that their students split themselves into two big groups, 'aspirasi' and 'mahasiswa', both groups resembling government and opposition. 

Above are some radical example about political affiliation in universities. There are also some students showing their political affiliation in Facebook, Twitter and other social network web.

Back to the point, is it necessary? My opinion in this matter is simple. We are in the stage of being an adult. So we need to involve in politics.. But, I don't mean that we have to involve in doing the campaign, provoking, commenting about the political party and so on. What I mean is about  getting the knowledge about the world of politics, know our leaders and their contribution towards the country.

Why is it necessary to have the knowledge? Because one day, we will be eligible to vote. Each vote counts in choosing our leader. That is the importance of voting. Only one vote is needed to determine the formation of a government. We will get the credits for each good deeds done by our leaders, so do the bad deeds.

Refer surah al-zalzalah 99 verse 7-8. Everything that we do, no matter it is small, or big, will be asked during the hereafter, so do as voting.

Just one advice from me ;
You can gain as much political knowledge as you want, but just keep your heads own until you are truly eligible involve in the political arena. Undi itu rahsia :)