Monday, January 9, 2012

Final war. Last Day of semester.

In a calm and peaceful night.

Stood still, an innocent slave, by a magical square device in the 21st century. The magical square device is called COMPUTER.

Yes, COMPUTER, such a simple and sweet name for a small, cute, but yet, a DESTRUCTIVE thing. Time moves so fast when the slave stood there. Sitting there, the slave of God, posting something, into a realm. A realm that connects all of the slaves around the world.

The slave is so calm that night although he will be having a war. The last war from the last chapter of his second part of life, in his life in the world of UTP.

It's called the war of Islamic Studies. It is similar to the war that the slave had gone through in his previous chapter of life, but with different characters of enemy. Which the enemies in this war is from English, not Bahasa which had been a quite easy win for the slave, with his Islamic education background.

And in this lovely night, the slave is fixing his tools, which he had left for a quite long time since the last test. But the slave is not by himself, alone in the dark, he's with his colleagues , Fahim, Pijo and Ajim in the dark night, and may be accompanied with few companions who are yet to come.

By tomorrow, the fate of the slave will be decided, whether he will win or lose in the war.

To be continued...

Lets us pray for the slave of Allah and his colleagues for the war :) Insyallah.

Allahummarzuqna Najahan Bahiran Fit Ta'lim Wal Imtihan Fid Dunia Wal Akhirah!

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