Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Resolutions?

January 2012.

New year, new resolution, new spirit.

"Success in study", "Get new friends", "Become a better person" and etc. Those quotes are widely spoken among the creatures who are occupying the planet, Earth. The creature? HUMAN. Yes, human. Human is the name of the creature.

Every year, new resolutions has been chosen by human. Most of the resolution are positive resolution like I stated above in the early of the post. But, there are also few human on earth that choose to have a bad resolution.

Okay, it doesn't matter to have a good or bad resolution. I don't really care about your resolution btw. But firstly, ask yourself. Have you done all the resolutions that you planned in the year before? If you can't done all of them, at least, have you done one of the resolution that you have planned?

If your answer is YES. Congratulations. It's a great thing for you. At least you have a better year compared to the previous one.

BUT if your answer is NO. Don't condemn yourself. At least, you have the resolutions. You want to change. It is just the time and place that prevent you from doing your resolution for that particular year. "I WANT TO FINISH UP MY PREVIOUS YEAR'S RESOLUTION". That is suppose to be your resolution for this year.

Be thankful to Allah who had given you a sane mind for you to think for a better future. Also million thanks to Allah also who gives you chances and opportunity to live in His world, to breath with His air and to indulge with His Blessing.

Alhamdulillah :)

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