Thursday, January 12, 2012

A bunch of appology to the nearest friends of mine.

To whom this blogpost it may concern,

There are some unsettled business I think around all of us.
Maybe there are some words that I am not suppose to say.
Maybe there are some of my act that did irritate you guys.
Maybe there are something I post, tweet or blogged have been bothering you guys. 
Maybe it's me myself who is always giving trouble to you guys. 

Sorry coz I don't have any intention to make you guys sick of me.
I just meant it for the fun among us, 
Yes, I am loud, if you guys still don't know me, 
Sorry if that loudness of mine that cause all of this unwanted things. 
If that's the case, just tell me. 
I'll be silent.
I won't be loud anymore. 

And maybe I wont stay there anymore. If you wish me to do that.


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